Centrix Energy Partners, a national network of energy efficiency experts, has launched its new and improved interactive website, www.centrix-energy.com. With a focus on providing Simple Solutions for Improving Energy Efficiency, Centrix Energy Partners offers a range of advancements that help organizations achieve their sustainability goals.

We will explore the critical features of Centrix Energy Partners’ new website and the advancements that benefit their valued clients.

Design Build-Finance Program:

One of the standout advancements offered by Centrix Energy Partners is their Design Build-Finance Program. This program showcases their proficiency in the art of design-build delivery, seamlessly integrating design and construction under one roof. Centrix Energy Partners fosters collaboration and innovation by streamlining the entire process, ensuring that construction projects are completed with efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality craftsmanship. With their expertise, Centrix Energy Partners helps clients elevate their projects, ensuring their vision transforms into a reality that exceeds expectations.

Bond Pregaming Services:

Centrix Energy Partners demonstrates its commitment to excellence and innovation through its comprehensive bond programming services. They are a trusted partner for organizations in the K-12, local government, and higher education markets, providing efficient and strategic solutions tailored to their unique needs. By leveraging Centrix Energy Partners’ bond pregaming services, organizations can unlock effective solutions that address their specific requirements. This allows them to focus on their core objectives while relying on Centrix Energy Partners for their bond-related needs.

Energy Savings Solutions:

As the industry leader in Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects (GESP), Centrix Energy Partners offers clients a transformative approach to energy efficiency. Organizations can access financial savings, environmental responsibility, and operational efficiency by partnering with Centrix. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and measurable results, Centrix Energy Partners is the definitive choice for organizations seeking to improve energy efficiency. Their GESP journey goes beyond energy savings, shaping a future of efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Regional Partner Program:

Centrix Energy Partners takes pride in their customized “Regional Partners Program,” which offers a variety of ways for their National Team to provide value to their Regional Partners actively. This program includes strategic planning assistance, development of focused state-of-the-art marketing campaigns, engineering and design support, and financial support options such as debt consolidation, short-term operating loans, and reduction of insurance premiums. Furthermore, potential merger and/or acquisition opportunities are available for smaller, privately owned professional services firms. By merging with Centrix Energy Partners, these firms can benefit from access to capital, strategic partnerships, market expansion, economies of scale, brand recognition, an exit strategy for owners, and a wider talent pool.

Cooperative Contracts and Free eBook:

Centrix Energy Partners offers cooperative contracts to clients, enabling them to procure goods and services efficiently, effectively, and economically. This streamlined approach ensures optimal utilization of resources while meeting the client’s needs.

Additionally, Centrix Energy Partners provides a free eBook on The Value of the Audit – Facilities Assessments. This free resource educates clients on the importance of conducting facility assessments, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their facility needs and energy efficiency improvements.

The new and improved Centrix Energy Partners website, www.centrix-energy.com, brings forth a range of advancements that empower organizations to improve their energy efficiency. With their Design Build-Finance Program, Bond Pregaming Services, Energy Savings Solutions, and Regional Partner Program, Centrix Energy Partners offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the unique needs of their clients. By partnering with Centrix Energy Partners, organizations can embark on a transformative journey towards energy efficiency, benefiting from their expertise, innovation, and commitment to sustainable solutions. Visit the website today to explore the Si Simple Solutions for Improving Energy Efficiency and unlock a future of environmental responsibility and operational excellence.

Visit Centrix Energy Partners website at www.centrix-energy.com or call 817-506-8303

About Centrix-Energy Partners:

Centrix Energy Partners is a national, privately held network of energy efficiency experts that designs, develops, finances, and implements customized energy efficiency upgrades for its clients.

We accomplish this through our best-in-class network of implementation companies that provide unparalleled customer service to the communities that we serve.  Our regional partners are local self-starters committed to helping

their customers succeed and are supported logistically and financially by the parent company, Centrix Energy Partners