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In a recent episode of The Energy Advisors Podcast, host Rex Halbeisen welcomed Zach Christensen, Vice President of Centrix Energy Partners (CEP), as a guest. The conversation touched upon various aspects of CEP’s work, including its history, speed to market, energy reduction programs, alternative financing options, and the positive impact it has on public sector clients. Notably, its efforts in upgrading and modernizing facilities, particularly in the education sector, have created better and healthier learning environments, enhancing student education.

A History of Success:

Centrix Energy Partners has built a reputation for providing exceptional energy solutions. Rex Halbeisen, also known as “Rex the Energy Guy,” praised Zach Christensen for the company’s commitment to the public sector and responsible use of tax dollars. CEP’s approach begins with a comprehensive facilities assessment, pinpointing asset issues and leading to an engineering construction approach that ensures effective upgrades and maintenance.

Energy Programs for the Public Sector:

CEP’s focus on energy reduction programs was a significant topic of discussion during the podcast. By targeting markets such as municipalities, universities, schools, and healthcare (MUSH), CEP addresses the specific needs of these sectors. Their programs contribute to environmental sustainability and result in significant cost savings for their clients.

Energy Reduction Programs:

CEP’s dedication to energy reduction programs was a key topic of discussion in the podcast. By conducting comprehensive energy audits, CEP identifies areas of improvement and tailors conservation plans to meet the specific needs of its clients. These programs contribute to environmental sustainability and result in significant cost savings for public sector entities.

Alternative Financing Options:

During the podcast, Zach and Rex highlighted CEP’s ability to offer their clients multiple funding and finance options. From low-to-no-cost energy upgrades to “job order” projects, CEP ensures that financial constraints do not hinder the implementation of energy solutions. Additionally, CEP leverages cooperative contracts, such as TIPS (The Interlocal Purchasing System), to streamline the design-build-finance process for solar, energy upgrades, LED lighting, water efficiency, and HVAC systems. This approach saves clients time, energy, and money.

Total Value and Brand Neutrality:

One notable benefit of working with Centrix Energy Partners is their brand neutrality. As a company, they remain agnostic to any particular brand, focusing instead on delivering total value to their clients. This approach ensures that CEP can recommend and implement solutions that best suit each client’s unique needs and goals.

The Energy Advisors Podcast provided an insightful conversation between host Rex Halbeisen and Zach Christensen, Vice President of Centrix Energy Partners. The discussion showcased CEP’s commitment to the public sector, expertise in energy reduction programs, alternative financing options, and ability to modernize facilities. By improving learning environments and enhancing energy efficiency, CEP plays a vital role in creating sustainable and cost-effective solutions for its public sector clients.

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